We specialize in the purchase of stocklot. We buy directly from companies, owners of the brand or official licensees. The products are then distributed in our following international network:

Outlet & temporary, B2C Shop:

They are not common outlets, we also offer recent products, often brand new, (and who first arrives better), because every day there are news and often open for a few days and then close at any moment and objects can be in limited edition ... so it is very difficult to buy them elsewhere! What's more, what is sold costs much less than what is found in traditional stores, so shopping in our temporary stores is convenient. Moreover, having short opening and closing dates, it seems almost to participate in a sort of event ... you do not really have the impression of doing the usual shopping.

off-line B2B

Our vision is to offer all levels of business (small, medium and large) the opportunity to purchase our stock-lots with great benefits. Using personalized discount parameters and services for each category of customer.

Online B2B only:

An e-commerce platform and online global online auctions, which allows commerce with any level of bussines with ease and security. We offer great opportunities in various product sectors: from fashion to beauty, from high-quality cosmetics to household products and from hi-tech to food and much more.


One big network, all-round buy & sell.

• A guarantee for our suppliers

• An advantage for our customers