Alinkas Holding group


We come from many years of experience in trading. We are part of a group of companies that operate in different synergistic businesses, a network that expands in different countries of the world. Our vision is to offer our customers the best products with maximum efficiency and service.

We always want to exceed their expectations. We offer quality at the best possible price. We exist thanks to our customers, our partners, who have made us grow and improve, making us stronger every day.

We are ready to take our organization to the next level so that we can improve our services to our customers and continue to maintain their level of satisfaction.

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We help you to

Grow your business

We buy directly from companies, offers FROM official brands or FROM official licensors

• Barter (products in exchange for advertising)
• Production and over-stock redundancies
• Campionari
• End of season, change of price lists.
• Activity closures

Media Barter advantages

Known also as barter, the adv products exchange is based on the compensation between the goods supplied by companies and the released adv services. The company therefore realizes its adv campaign, in Italy and abroad, saving money and selling-out the leftover stocks.

How we handle the sales

B2C – in our big stores and through temporary events
B2B– In our selected International partners networks which share the needs of traceability and commercial commitments.
Temporary Shop History This system was born in Great Britain in 2003 and has had a large success thereafter in the world-famous marketing center: New York City.


Temporary stores is a formula that was born in Great Britain in 2003 and spread immediately afterwards TO the world capital of marketing, of New York City, where in a very short time lots of Pop-Up Store or vacant shops have sprung up. Underlining the absence of a real advertising launch in the traditional sense.

Dynamics, the evolution of shopping: One of the main features of our temporary shops is that we attract people's attention because it is something unusual, so we can not go unnoticed.

THE ADVANTAGES: They are not like the common outlets, because we also offer recent products, often brand new, (and who first arrives better), because every day there are news and often open for a few days and then close at any moment and objects can be limited edition ... so it is very difficult to buy them elsewhere! furthermore, what is sold costs much less than what is found in traditional stores, so shopping in our temporary stores is convenient. In addition, having short opening and closing dates, it seems almost like participating in a sort of private event ... you do not have the sense of normal shopping.